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My name is Jude Goode and I am the founder and President of Angels of Light Work, a 501(c)(3) corporation. As Angels of Light Work, we help local families in need by providing programs that empower each person to recognize their own inner ability to build safe and healthy futures.


While we have made great strides, Angels of Light Work still has a lot to accomplish and we need your help.


Our programs run year round to address specific needs in our community. So many of our participants are single parents/caretakers raising the next generation of community members. We organize events to recharge caregivers’ physical and spiritual wellness in ways they cannot access on their own.


Many of us take for granted that we are able to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with like-minded people when needed. Yet, the caregivers we serve have the same needs but lack the means to address them. That’s where we come in!


We offer the caregivers and their children a variety of healing modalities and vibrant healthy lunches, all with a hint of uplifting possibilities at our events. In the past we’ve also given the families small inspirational gifts (and gift cards for necessities) to empower them in their daily life.


As you know, offering any service or product requires resources. We raise funds in a variety of ways including Tricky Trays, raffles, 50/50 drawings, and by contributing a percentage of our proceeds. We also depend on monetary contributions. 


Your donation is greatly appreciated! Together we make our community strong, capable, and resilient. 



Judith Goode

Board President, Angels of Light Work



Click here to donate via credit card

Send checks to: Angels of Light Work, P.O. Box 43 Delaware Water Gap 18327

Venmo: Jude-Goode

EIN# 88-1713155

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Jude and The Angels of Light has brought a human element and spirituality to the people of Monroe county. They have brought comfort to those individuals in need by providing many essentials. In these difficult times, the agency has brought hope to those facing both financial and spiritual hardships.


I can’t think of a more worthy organization than the Angels of Light to help those in need. Many thanks for the all the great things you do for this community!


It has been my honor and privilege to be working with Jude and The Angels of Light!

Paulette K.

Rachel and Christopher, from Gebiya Vibrations, has done numerous works with Angel's of Light Work from fundraisers to sound healing events...

Angel's of Light Works mission is to help this community and all of them have a beautiful heart of gold. We always look forward to working with Angel's of Light Work..

Christopher Gebiya

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