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Meet Jude

Jude Goode has been a master energy healer for decades and a reliable resource for all who seek guidance.  Her purpose is to assist others in establishing their own inner strength and unwavering confidence for the good of self and all mankind.


Leading by example, she provides an honest and solid foundation for people to build upon as they confidently develop their own unique gifts and advancing spiritual abilities and techniques. ​


  Jude has been a leader in the spiritual community for years, In 2022 Angels of Light Work officially became a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation and continues to offer energy healing with an Angelic touch. 


Our Workshops

Our workshops are to help you better understand and develop YOUR spiritual gifts in working with the energies.


You will learn new techniques to intentionally direct energy and broaden your horizons.

Work with these esoteric energies to raise your vibration for a full, healthy and spiritual lifestyle.


Let the ease and comfortability of your dimension allow you to expand and share the wealth of your gifts with other like-minded people with ongoing support.

These classes, sessions, workshops and series are a wonderful foundation to strengthen and support your in-depth spiritual growth. It also may include class participation, field trips, guest speakers and much more.

We welcome you with an open mind & joyful enthusiasm.

Hugs and Angel Blessings.

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